Understanding DUI Insurance

Getting car insurance with a DUI does not have to be a challenge.  It is important to note that your driving record plays a vital role in your auto insurance rates.  All auto insurance companies today regard people convicted of driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated as high risk.  To protect themselves, insurance companies charge high rates to people in these categories.  Though insurance companies look at several factors when assessing clients’ applications for car insurance, your level of risk is the main one. Check it out!

The probability of your getting into an accident and filing a claim is what is referred to as your level of risk. If you exercise caution when driving and have never been charged with a DUI or a DWI, then you fall under the low-risk category, and will have lower charges than reckless drivers. Most insurance companies are of the thought that drunk people react slower to situations on the road. Driving while drunk is an offense in the eyes of the law because it is a very dangerous thing.

The cost of DUI insurance Florida is dependent on several factors. The severity of your DUI case is one of the factors determining the cost of your DUI insurance. If your case is not severe, then your chosen insurance company will charge less. The second factor is the state you live in. Laws differ per state, and since insurance companies have to follow the laws of the sates they are in, you find varying costs of DUI insurance per state. Another factor that affects the cost of DUI insurance is whether or not you are a first-time offender. If you are a repeat offender, then your rates will be higher. There are factors such as age and credit score that are also considered in the pricing of DUI insurance covers. Ask for cost estimates from different insurance providers since there is no standard way of determining the cost of DUI insurance.

For you to get DUI insurance, you are required to ask your insurance provider to file an SR-22 for you and submit it to your state’s department of motor vehicles. This is a form showing financial responsibility for high-risk drivers.

You do not have to worry about getting auto insurance after being charged with DUI because the insurance sector today has providers who specifically provide high-risk auto insurance covers. There are different ways for you to lower the cost of your DUI insurance, some of them being completing a driver safety course, bundling policies, and getting multiple cars on your cover. Ensure that you look around before you settle on any provider.

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Understanding DUI Insurance